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Costs and the Process

How I Work .....


           First meeting

At our initial consultation, I will look at your space and discuss with you your objectives for the project.  At this point, I may be able to give you a very rough estimate of costs and we can discuss options in line with your budget.


Fee: Free of charge

          Second meeting

At this meeting, I will show you some suggested designs, typically using design illustration software. I will discuss with you the merits of each proposed design.


Fee: Approx £150 depending on the complexity of the design. 


          Next Steps  

Detailed design and project budget

Following design selection and your authorization to proceed, I will generate measured design drawings and after consultation with my team, will give you a detailed budget listing both building works and suggested fixtures and fittings.


For larger projects, I produce a 'look book' with plans, photographs, and suggestions for fixtures and fittings backed up with samples of paint colours, wallpapers, and tiles, etc. 


We may need to submit technical plans to local authorities, instruct Party Wall Surveyors/replace boilers, etc, I have various professional contacts that I have worked with that I can introduce you to work on your project.


Fee: £45 per hour


Project Delivery

Project delivery will begin once you are happy with the detailed design and budget. We will then agree on a convenient date for the fabrication/building work to begin. I then accompany you, before the build starts, to visit my varied and trusted suppliers to select materials such as tiles, granite, windows, etc, the majority of whom will grant me a trade discount which I am happy to pass on to you.


Once the build starts, I will visit the site frequently to supervise the work. I will ensure that you are kept informed at all stages of the project and will answer any questions you may have at any point.


I always ensure that the builders keep the site as clean as possible and carry out a 'builders clean' once the work is complete.


I aim to make the whole process as painless and stress-free as possible for my clients.


Project Completion

At the end of the work, I will carry out snagging and ensure any loose ends are tied up before the builders leave the site. Naturally, my principal objective is to ensure that you are delighted with the final product.

Indications of cost
Consultancy including ad hoc advice

My fee is £45 per hour

Project fees

Once instructed to proceed to project implementation, my fee is charged as a proportion of the total cost of the materials and building work, as follows:

  • Projects under £20,000: fee = 15% of total costs

  • Projects over £20,000: fee = 12% of total costs

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